Thursday, June 9, 2016

It's a team effort

It's pretty phenomenal to be trusted. It's pretty amazing when God's favour is with you. It's amazing how God chooses to show his power through weakness. Maybe I'm not the worst fundraiser in the world, but it is certainly not my strength. Yet God is the one who is sending me. He has been and is moving generous donors to give and partner with me in the work he has given me to do. I'm floored. I'm amazed. If everyone who's promised to give gives what they've promised, that would put me at about 102% right now. I'm still awaiting some of that to come in and show up online, but as far as things are looking right now, I should definitely be able to meet the 70% deadline for June 15th. When that happens, my company will greenlight me to go. Then I'm going! It's... it's incredible.

I keep looking at this little envelope in front of me filled with evidence that people are standing with me. People are believing for great things to happen, that God will be at work through me and my coworkers to do them. That both excites me and terrifies me. It's one thing to hope and dream for something on your own. But on my own, they would remain only hopes and dreams. Hopes and dreams, remaining so, become false. However, when people join together to affirm the value of a work that needs financial backing (shared by many), it becomes a team effort. The one entrusted with their partnership becomes a steward who carries the responsibility of doing the hands on work to make their collective dreams and hopes reality. Not that it's only my work or that I should do it on my own strength! I can't. But with God as my help, working side-by-side with my coworkers, all things are possible. Can't wait for the adventure ahead!

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